We customise each programme to the requirement of the individual or the
company and deliver it with essential cultural knowledge, the underlying drivers
and practical strategies for immediate impact. We take time to meet with you or
carry out due diligence through pre questionnaires in order to understand your
particular needs and challenges.

Having international business experience ourselves in a number of countries,
we understand practical business issues at every level and take care to design
practical and innovative solutions for early but lasting results. Our interactive
workshops enable participants to share their real experiences and challenges
with a view to addressing key issues and obtaining "take aways" which can be immediately applied on a day to day basis.

However to understand another culture, we need to understand our own
culture. Everybody 'thinks' they know their own culture.This is where we
help you raise awareness. This then becomes a powerful tool which allows you
to see the gaps between the two cultures enabling you to adapt your behaviour, competencies and skill sets.

We have been successfully working with both large and smaller organisations,
for example from preparing an entrepreneur for a trade visit to India through to a company which was establing a subsidiary in China and needed to recruit local management through to creating a successful international virtual team at a 
financial services company so that they worked as a "we" rather than "them and us".


What We Offer

1 Stop HR's intercultural services are
customised to your operational requirements. These can be country
specific or broadly based.

We have worked with global organisations across all sectors of business in many countries.


Our Clients &
Sector Experience

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