Doing Effective Business Across Cultures

Better Cultural Understanding = Better Relationships = Better Business

Understanding cultural differences and communication styles and adopting effective
strategies can make or break overseas business relationships and make the
difference between success and failure. These are part of the "soft" issues which so
often get overlooked but have as much of an impact as "hard" factors.

At 1 STOP HR we provide the practical advice and cultural understanding
that you will need in order to build successful business relationships.
This is based
on our own international business experience and expertise working with leading
in a wide range of sectors and countries.
We run customised one-to-one coaching or group workshops providing insight
and solid practical steps for effective and successful working and doing
business across different cultures all around the world. 
Some of the areas that our training covers:

Business Values & their Impact
Cultural differences 
Hierarchy and  decision making 
Managing Relationships
Understanding approach to time,quality, and environment

Communication Styles
Differing interaction styles: verbal and non-verbal
Managing negotiations and conflicts effectively
Feedback and Performance Management

Doing Business
Management Style
Effective Team Working
Market Differences
Building Trust
Remote/Virtual Working

Country Specific Knowledge
Understanding and implications of history
The low-down on current politics and economics
Current trends and news

Everyday Life - Social / Professional
Relationship between professional and social life
Business and social etiquette 

"The coaching session accelerated my integration into the local environment, different business attitudes and culture, in a motivating and encouraging way"
Sabine Rieck
Inernational Consultant


"I have been to the country approximately 250 times before and still learned a lot about the underlying drivers of management practices and business etiquette. This session was motivating, very useful and fun"
Thomas Gleichmann
Chief Engineer
Johnson Controls GmbH

What We Offer

1 Stop HR's intercultural services are
customised to your operational requirements. These can be country
specific or broadly based.

We have worked with global organisations across all sectors of business in many countries.


Our Clients &
Sector Experience

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