Doing Effective Business In India


India is a dynamic rapidly growing economy attracting foreign companies
and investment from all over the world. It has a diverse and complex culture
dating back thousands of years.

If you do business with India (or are planning to) or if you are relocating staff 
there, we provide a range of tailored, interactive programmes designed to  understand the key underlying cultural values and business drivers including being able to effectively communicate. Through practical advice we facilitate successful living and working from day one.

Interactive experiential training / coaching is provided on:

Key Indian values and their impact in business
Management Effectiveness and Leadership
Effective Communication and use of language
Business "drivers" and expectations
Business Etiquette and social customs
Day to day Living

The outcome is:

Confidence and effectiveness in the Indian business environment

Understanding the cultural differences  and addressing the "gaps"

Successful conduct of business, management and communication

Practical strategies to work effectivley

Enjoyment of the experience of working and living in India

What We Offer

1 Stop HR's intercultural services are
customised to your operational requirements. These can be country
specific or broadly based.

We have worked with global organisations across all sectors of business in many countries.


Our Clients &
Sector Experience

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