Instant Country Business Briefings


If you are a busy global executive, and you are about to do business with a foreign culture or you are an organisation which has staff dispersed across different sites
and countries and have no time for classroom training. We offer a truly interactive
and tailor-made training experience by telephone combining online illustrations and personal interaction any time anywhere.

We ensure that you are fully equipped to deal with the key nuances and pitfalls of a country's business culture. We can help you avoid common mistakes that could
put your business relationships at risk and provide you with the essential cultural knowledge to ensure effective communication, relationship building leading to
effective business experience.

Our briefings provide an easily accessible, fast and comprehensive cultural training programme for people working with global markets, whilst offering the freedom to undertake training at any time anywhere. 

What We Offer

1 Stop HR's intercultural services are
customised to your operational requirements. These can be country
specific or broadly based.

We have worked with global organisations across all sectors of business in many countries.

Our Clients &
Sector Experience

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